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Kitten/Cat Request Form

Current Kittens

All Siberian cats/kittens will be $1600 total, paid in three installments. The first installment is an $100 deposit to be put onto the waiting list. The second is $700, paid when you pick out which kitten you’d like to adopt. The final $800 is given at the time of exchange. 
Checks can be made payable to Nancy Brown or Willow Springs, and mailed to 395 Eagle Mill Road Butler, PA 16001. 
If you’re using a card for your deposit, please call me directly with your information. Note that if a card is used, a 4% fee will be added to the payment. 

To get started with adopting a Siberian cat or kitten, please fill out the Kitten Request Form. An $100 deposit will be needed to be put on the waiting list. This will be credited toward the $1600 cost of the kitten. The average time to be on the waitlist is between 4-6 months, but can vary! It’s difficult to predict how many kittens will be born. I will contact you when it’s close to the time for you to pick a kitten! Please only fill out the form and send the deposit if you’re prepared to wait for an available kitten.
When I contact you, there will be pictures on this page where you can view and pick your kitten! Once you’ve chosen, you will reserve them by paying the second installment of $700. This is half-payment until you pick your kitten up! The other half will be due when you get your kitten. I’ll let you know once your kitten is ready to be picked up!


Calling or texting is the easiest way to reach me! If you have any questions, please reach out. See my Contact page for full details!

Adopting Older Siberians

I sometimes have older kittens available for adoption. I’m particular with the placement of older kittens/cats, I want to make sure they’re going to the right home. 

Unlike most kittens and cats, Siberian Cats are very slow maturing (3-5 years). They change homes very easily as they are not attached to their environment. Older kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped with a lifetime registration. This saves a great deal of expense!


I have some of my friends fostering for me. I want to be sure the kittens are exposed to kids, dogs, house noises, blenders, etc. This helps get them ready to go home with you!

Facebook Page

We have a Willow Springs Kitten Facebook Page for those who would like to share pictures and stories about the kittens they have adopted.  It is Willow Springs Members only, but can be publicly viewed.  I love seeing update pictures of these babies!

The page is listed on Facebook as WillowSprings/Sibirskaja Siberian Cats.


Available Kittens!

 Ready to go home now!
Torti Girl, Born 3/2/2015


Phoebe can go anywhere! For those of you who asked about her when she retires, now's your chance!
If you've messaged me before about wanting Phoebe when she retires, please message me ASAP. She's ready now!


Talya's Litter of 6 born 3/11/2022 ready to go home now

 "Andromeda" Brown Black w/ White Classic Girl



"Ara" Solid Black Girl



RESERVED for Heather G.  "Cepheus" Black Silver Mack Boy



RESERVED for Valerie M.  "Corvus" Solid Black Boy



  "Cygnus" Smoke Tuxedo Boy



"Vela" Black Silver Classic Girl



Karina's Litter of 3 born 5/12/2022 ready to go home now

"Benny"  Black Silver Mack Boy



PENDING  "Agnetha (Aggy)"  Black Silver Mack Girl



"Bjorn" Brown Black Mack Boy



Cabella's Litter of 2 born 6/12/2022 ready to go home now

"Tiger" Blue Silver Mack Girl



"Willie" Black Boy



Azula's Litter of 5 born 6/12/2022 ready to go home now

(more pictures coming)

"Barge" Brown Black Mack Tabby Boy



"Catlin" Torbi Mack Girl



RESERVED for Cindy Y.   "Grayson" Blue/Silver Boy



RESERVED  for Becky C.  "Redi" Torti Girl



"Katie" Blue Silver Classsic Tabby Girl



Leyla's Litter of 7 born 6/20/2022 ready to go home now

VERY PLAYFUL, PURRBALL  "Aragorn" Tuxedo Boy



RESERVED for Rebecca T.  "Arwen" Tuxedo Girl



RESERVED for Elizabeth MG.  "Bilbo" Red Mack Boy






RESERVED for Randy Kirk   "Gandalf" Brown Black with White Tabby Boy



RESERVED for Thomas M.  "Legolas" Brown Black Tabby Boy



 RESERVED for Melody F.   "Sauron" Tuxedo Boy



JADE'S Litter of 8 born 6/27/22  READY TO GO HOME NOW


RESERVED for Paige Lindy  "Chunk"  Red Mack Tabby Boy



RESERVED for Tanya F. "Sparkler"  Red Mack Tabby Boy



RESERVED for Marissa S.   "Cannonball"  Brown Black Mack Tabby Boy



RESERVED for Rachel M.  "Splash"  Brown Black Mack Tabby Girl



"Jade's S'mores"   Dilute Torti girl



"Popsicle"  Torti girl



RESERVED for Nancy Kate C.  "JuneBug"   Torti girl 



RESERVED for Mary W.  "FireFly"  Black Silver Mack Tabby Girl 




FALINA'S Litter of 6 born 7/8/22

Falinas litter will get their vaccines on 9/30. If there are no sniffles from the vaccine, they can go home 10/7.

(More pictures coming)


"Butterscotch" Red Mack Tabby Boy



"Spice" Red Mack Tabby Boy



"Toffee" Red Mack Tabby Boy



"BonBon" Tuxedo Girl



"Falina's S'mores" Torti Mack Girl



 "SnickerDoodle" Brown Black Tabby w/ White Girl




VIVIAN'S litter 6/22/22 (available kittens from this litter will be going home later)

Also will be under observation for some breeding programs

(pictures of available kittens coming later)




RESERVED for breeding Blue Silver w/ white Girl

1 RESERVED others UNDER OBSERVATION for breeding 3 Torties Girls

Under Observation Torbi Girl



Adopted Kittens

Below you can view images of kittens that have already been adopted! Scroll back up to view kittens that are currently available.


SOLD! Leyla's Litter of 6 born 1/21/22 

RESERVED for Adam L.  "Brandon" Red Mack Tabby w/ white Boy



RESERVED  "Dylan" Brown Black Mack Tabby w/ white Boy



RESERVED for Maryalice C.  "Jordi" Brown Black Mack Tabby w/white Boy



RESERVED for Trista Mj.  "Keira" Torti Girl



RESERVED for Natalie D.  "Kiki" Torti Girl



RESERVED for Heather Z.  "Tiffany" Torti (Calico) Girl



SOLD   Becca's Litter of 3 boy 1 girl born 2/19/22 



SOLD    Phoebe's Litter 3 boys 3 girls born 3/27/22 



SOLD  FALINA'S Litter 1 boy 3 girls Born 2/10/2022 



SOLD   Jade's Litter born 1/21/22 




SOLD   Cabella's Litter born 12/25/21 




SOLD   TESSA'S litter Born 12/1/21




Adopted! Torbi Girl "Sylvie" Born 9/19/20



Adopted! Beautiful Brown Black Classic  Boy "Apep" Born 9/19/20



Adopted! Gorgeous Black Silver Boy " Moose" Born 8-16-20



SOLD  PHOEBE'S LITTER Born 10/28/21 








 The Brown Black Mack Boy is now at Mamgiory Siberian Cattery in Florence Italy.


2 boys 2 girls


SOLD! PAVLA'S "P.J." Born 5/24/21





Her Birthday is August 8th, 2018





SOLD! LEYLA'S  Born 5/25/21



4 girls






SOLD    TALYA'S Boy and GIrl 




SOLD  STORMY'S Kittens Born 2/13/2021 3 girls 1 boy



SOLD   LEYLA'S Kittens Born 12/25/2020


SOLD   PAVLA "P.J."     5 Girls


SOLD  Phoebe's 

   Sunflower-Sunny 5    Petal 4     Tulip 3

SOLD  Stormy's Litter of 6 

    Bobbie 6  May 1    Sky 2  Weaver 1    Fury 1  

SOLD  Falina's Litter

Lolli-Pop 1     Sonny 1       Sprinkles 2  Princess Poppy 1   Wilbur 1    Zeus 2  Bubbles 1  

Cabella's Litter SOLD

   Brown Black w/ White Classic Girl 2   Black Silver With White Mack Girl 2      Brown Black With White Classic Boy 2    Black Silver With White Mack Boy 1  


 3 Kittens Teddy 2  Hermes 1 Stashina 1 Novo 1  

  Aria 1 Noxi's Siblings    


Mira Tonks front Garrison Zoey rear Tonks Zoey  Raven Tonks  Hunter Garrison         


SOLD  P.J. PAVLA's Litter 

   Bindi 2 Celeste 2 Gemma Starla   Blaze 2    PJ Hunter 2  


SOLD Phoebe's Litter

Lydia 1  Charlotte 2 Bennet 2 Bennet In Front, Wickham In Back  Mr. Darcy 2    

 Cabella Litter

2 Boys 3 Girls

   Brown Black Mack With White Boy 2   Brown Black Classic With White Boy  Black & White Tuxedo Girl 2  Brown Black Mack Girl  Brown Black Classic Girl 2      


 Talya Litter

2 Boys

Brown Black Classic Boy  Brown Black Classic Boy 2  SOLD  Daniel Daigle Brown Black Classic Boy


  Black Smoke Mack Boy 2  Black Smoke Mack Boy 2 Black Smoke Mack Boy


Stormy Litter

2 Boys & 2 Girls

Nimbus  Cirrus 2  Misty   Breezy   


 Myska Litter

4 Boys 2 Girls

Aurora Nova 2 Astro 2 Comet 2 Cosmo  

    Stache 1      



3-6 Pavla "PJ" Litter   
2 Boys 2 Boys, 2 Girls
  Guinevere   Morgan 2 Arthur 2 Lancelot    
 FALINA Litter 
Cedar Ash 2 Ebony Hickory  Willow 2     


PHOEBE KITTENS 3 Girls, 2 Boys

Black Silver Classic Girl Brown Black Classic Girl Cream Silver Mackerel Boy  


LEYLA KITTENS 4 Girls, 2 Boys

Darcie 2 Stasia 2  Whitney  Tessa 2  Rudy Wyatt   



ADOPTED "Tatyana" Mack Tabby with White Girl

9  1/2 month old            Born 4/5/19 

for someone without allergies.

      Tatyana 1 Tatyana 2 Tatyana 3  

She is so sweet and loving and is quite pushy about getting lots of lap time. 

She may end up being a smaller Siberian, however Siberians take 3-5 years to mature so she could get larger as she matures.
This little girl should go to a home without other cats
as she plays "very big" with cats...but she is great with my border collie...she loves playing with her. 
Im sure she is going to adjust very quickly to her new home .She greets everyone who comes to my home. 
And meets me at the door when I come home.  You could not be lonely with her around.  She can also be very laid back.
I have gotten quite attached to her...she is my sleeping buddy...Taty will be missed when she goes.
She has had her FVRCP and does not need any boosters. She is also already spayed (saving you a lot of money).

SOLD 4 Boys and 1 Girl 


 Boy 1 Boy 2 Boy 3  Boy 4 Boy 5    

SOLD  Phoebe's Kittens 

Phoebe's Kitten 1  Phoebe's Kitten 2  Phoebe's Kitten 3  Phoebe's Kitten 4

SOLD Leyla

 Lily Jr. Lily Jr. 2 Lily Jr. 3 
  Leyla Leyla 2 Leyla 3 Leyla 4   

2 Kittens  

SOLD Kittens

3 Kittens  


  Fallina's Litter 1 Falina's Litter 3 Falina's Litter 4 Falina's Litter 5  Falina's Litter 6  Falina's Litter 7 

MYSHKA'S Litter 

  Myshka's Litter 1       Myshka's Litter 2  Myshka's Litter 3  Myshka's Litter 4