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If you are interested in getting a Siberian cat or kitten, please fill out a kitten/cat request form (this helps me too keep track of your requests and our conversations). If you would like to be on the waiting list, a $100 deposit (credited toward the $1600 kitten cost as of 2/1/21) will put you on the list for the up coming litters. You may send a check payable Nancy Brown or Willow Springs and mail to: 395 Eagle Mill Road Butler, PA 16001. 

It's very difficult to predict how many kittens will be born.   But you can estimate that from the time you place the $100 deposit, it is an average of 4-6 month wait for an available kitten.  I will contact you when it is getting close to time to possibly choose from the available kittens.

Once the kittens are born you will pick your kitten in the order the $100 deposit was postmarked.  I post individual pictures of kittens to choose from when they are a little older.  Once you choose your kitten you will need to send an additional $700.  The other half will be due when you get your kitten.   If you are using a credit card for your deposit, please call me directly with your information. Note: If a credit card is used, a 4% charge will be added to the credit card payment to off set the fees. 

I sometimes have a few older kittens available. ( If none are posted, none are available at that time).  I am especially particular with the placement of older Kittens/cats.

Note: Adopting older Siberians
Unlike alot of regular kittens and cats, Siberian Cats are very slow maturing (3-5 years). They change homes very easily as they are not attached to their environment. Older kittens are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and micro chipped with a lifetime registration, (this saves great deal of expense).

** I recuited some of my friends to do a foster/franchise type of situation. I want to be sure the kittens are exposed to kids, dogs, house noises, blenders etc.  And I dont want too many kittens together at a time.  This way they can be "little 4 wheel drive vehicles" as much as they want. **


Below is where I post pictures of kittens for the families who have already placed their $100 deposit for the wait list to reserve a kitten. So these litters will be going to those families.

6/3/21***I have a pretty complete list of people for kittens right now. I always have people on my list who will pick a kitten and those who will pass for a later litter.  I cant know how this virus will affect timing with the families. Therefore, putting in a deposit now,  it would likely be at least 4-6 mos from the time you place your deposit before you would be able to get your kitten. So please only fill out a request and contact me if you are prepared to wait for an available kitten. Thank you. ...

Again, You can estimate that from the time you place your deposit, it is usually approx. a 4-6 month wait for an available kitten.


Thanks to my daughter, I now have a Willow Springs Kitten Family Only Facebook Page for those who would like to share pictures and stories about the kittens they have adopted.  It is Willow Springs Members only but can be publicly viewed.  I love seeing update pictures of these babies.

The page is listed on Facebook as    WillowSprings/Sibirskaja Siberian Cats


UPDATE 1/30/2021 6:00pm  I dont like to publicly post personal information, but I feel I have no choice.  My mom was in need of help quickly, due to the covid mandates to lock people in personal care away from everyone and end all social activities.  The isolation caused her to lose 20# in 3 wks. and decline rapidly.  Her health was excellent with virtually no meds but she developed memory issues from being prescribed Paxil.  I got her out Christmas Eve.  I am taking care of business M-F while she is in adult day care and am working on getting more help.  So I am sorry for the delay in response to calls (about 20/day), emails (about 75/day) and texts. The best response will be from texts. Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words and for your patience.   Sincerly, Nancy B. 

update 6/4/21*** I will be posting kittens who will be going home early june.(depending on reactions to vaccines, ie. sneezing etc.)  I will contact the people on the list who are up for choice and check whether this will be good timing.  If people pass, I will move down the list to the next people on the list.

There are more kittens born who will be available - end of July/beginning of Aug.

And kittens who will be available - end of Aug./beginning of Sept.

STORMY'S Kittens Born 2/13/2021


ADOPTED by Valerie H.   "Bam Bam" Black Boy



ADOPTED by Michael S.  "Wilma" Black Girl  



barney in front

ADOPTED by Margie E. Barney Black Silver Classic Tabby



ADOPTED by Elena M.   "Betty" Brown Black Classic Tabby


SOLD   LEYLA'S Kittens Born 12/25/2020

SOLD for Casey S.   Torti (Calico) Girl "Clarice"




SOLD for Peg & Lee B. Red Mack Tabby Boy "Dolph"



SOLD for Elizabeth G. Black & White Tuxedo Boy "Dasher"




SOLD  Blue Smoke Tuxedo Boy "Donner"



SOLD for Diane O.  Blue Black Mack Tabby Boy "Blitzen




SOLD   PAVLA "P.J."     5 Girls    Born 12/30/20

Ready to go home 3/31/21 if no sniffles.




SOLD for Jeff S. & Michelle Torti Girl "Amber"




SOLD  for Caryn M.  Torti Girl "Autumn"




SOLD for Daniel D. Blue Dilute Torti Girl "Cinder"




SOLD For Peg & Lee B.  Blue Dilute Torti Girl "Dove"




SOLD for Caryn M.   Torti Girl "Truffle"



SOLD  Phoebe's Litter of 4

Orchid 3 Orchid 4

SOLD for Katie M.  Solid Black Girl  "Orchid"


        Sunflower-Sunny 5  Sunflower-Sunny 6
SOLD for Michelle R. Golden Classic Girl "Sunflower-Sunny"


 Petal 2   Petal 4    

SOLD for Wendy P.   Black Brown Mack Girl "Petal"


 Tulip 2  Tulip 3  

SOLD for Peter O.  Black Brown Classic Girl  "Tulip"



SOLD  Stormy's Litter of 6 


  Bobbie 3    Bobbie 6

SOLD for Katybeth C.   "Bobbie" Brown Black Classic Girl


May 1  May 2  

Im waiting to add some better pics of this girl   :)

SOLD   for  Kay P. ""May" Dark Smoke Girl


  Sky 1  Sky 2  

SOLD for Paul B. "Sky" Black Silver Classic


Weaver 1    Weaver 3  

SOLD for Nell H. "Weaver" Brown Black Classic Girl


    Coleson 4  Coleson 5

SOLD for Sims M.   "Coleson" Solid Black Boy


Fury 1  Fury 2  

SOLD for Karen H.  "Fury" Brown Black Classic Boy


SOLD  Falina's Litter

Lolli-Pop 1     Lolli-Pop 2  

SOLD for DeAndra B.   "Lolli-Pop" Black Silver Mack Boy


Sonny 1   Sonny 2   

SOLD for Valerie M.  "Sonny" Red Mack Boy


   Sprinkles 1    Sprinkles 2

SOLD for Cathy S. "Sprinkles" Black Brown Mack w/ White Girl


Princess Poppy 1   Princess Poppy 2  

SOLD for Molly M.   "Princess Poppy" Tuxedo GIrl


Wilbur 1   Wilbur 2  

SOLD for Nosheen S.  "Wilbur" Smaller Blue Silver Tabby Boy


Zeus 1  Zeus 2

SOLD   for Kathy P.  "Zeus" Red Tabby Boy"


Bubbles 1  Bubbles 2  

SOLD for Margie E.  "Bubbles" Brown Black Spotted Mack Boy


Cabella's Litter SOLD

Cabella's kittens will be available 12/28 providing no reaction to vaccines

Brown Black With White Classic Girl    Brown Black w/ White Classic Girl 2  

SOLD for Cathy S.  Brown Black w/ White Classic Girl


Black Silver With White Mack Girl  Black Silver With White Mack Girl 2  

SOLD for Edessa T.  Black Silver w/ White Mack Girl


  Brown Black With White Classic Boy 1  Brown Black With White Classic Boy 2

SOLD for Tricia K.  Brown Black w/ White Classic Boy


  Black Silver With White Mack Boy 1  Black Silver With White Mack Boy 2    

SOLD  for Daryl W.  Black Silver w/ White Mack Boy




 3 Kittens 


 Teddy 1   Teddy 2    

SOLD for Alyssa J. Blk Silver Mack w/ White Boy "TEDDY" 


Hermes 1   Hermes 2 

SOLD for Jordon & Lizzy F. Smoke Tuxedo Boy  "Hermes"


Apollo 1    Apollo 2   

SOLD for Amy Q. Lighter Smoke Tuxedo Boy "Apollo"


Stashina 1   Stashina 2  

SOLD for Andrea G. Tuxedo Girl "Stashina"


Novo 1  Novo 2  

SOLD for Bailey H. Tuxedo Girl "Novo"


  Aria 1     Aria 2  

SOLD for Caitlyn M. Solid Black Girl "Aria"


Noxi 1  Noxi's Siblings    

Noxi is the 3rd from the left. She is the smaller solid black girl.                                                                                

SOLD for Melody F. Solid Black Girl "Noxi"

SOLD  LEYLA'S Litter born 7/20/2020

Mira Tonks front Garrison Zoey rear   Tonks Zoey

Mira        Mira 2    

SOLD for Jessica N.  "Mira" Black Smoke with White GIrl


Zoey  Zoey 2  

SOLD for Kevin C.  "Zoey" Black Silver Mack Tabby with White Girl


Raven     Raven 2

SOLD for Katherine S.  "Raven" Black and White GIrl


Tonks       Tonks 2     

SOLD for Debbie V.  "Tonks" Torbi Girl


Hunter      Hunter 2

SOLD for Heather G.  "Hunter"  Black and White Boy


Garrison      Garrison 2     

SOLD  for Emily E.  "Garrison" Brown Black Tabby with White Boy


SOLD  P.J. PAVLA's Litter born 7/27/2020

  Bindi   Bindi 2

SOLD for Carolyn C.  "Bindi"  Torbi Girl


      Celeste   Celeste 2   

SOLD for Yuliya C. "Celeste" Black Silver Classic Tabby with White Girl


Gemma      Gemma 2   

SOLD for Kari A.  "Gemma" Black Silver Classic Tabby with White Girl


Starla   Starla 2   

SOLD for April G.  "Starla"  Black Silver Mack Tabby with White Girl


  Blaze     Blaze 2   

SOLD for Kaitlin M.  "Blaze" Black Silver Classic Tabby with White Boy


PJ Hunter     PJ Hunter 2   

SOLD by Diana B.  "PJ Hunter" Red Classic Tabby with White Boy


SOLD  5/18 Phoebe's Litter

Lizzy 1  Lizzy 2

SOLD Kara H.  "LIZZY" Solid Blue Girl (dark grey)

Lydia 1   Lydia 2  

SOLD  for Debra D.   "Lydia" Torbi Girl

Charlotte 1   Charlotte 2    

SOLD  for Debra D.  "Charlotte" Dilute Torbi Girl

Bennet    Bennet 2

SOLD  for Rebekah K.  "Bennet" Red  Mack Boy

Bennet     Bennet In Front, Wickham In Back

(Bennet in front, Wickham in back)

SOLD  for Andrea J.   "Bingley" Red Mack Boy

Bingley 1   Bingley 2 

SOLD  for Tatiana S.  "Wickham" Red Classic Boy

  Wickham   Wickham 2   

SOLD for Karen H.  "Mr. Darcy" Red Classic Boy

Mr. Darcy    Mr. Darcy 2    

3/26 Cabella Litter

2 Boys 3 Girls

Brown Black Mack With White Boy     Brown Black Mack With White Boy 2    

SOLD  for Bob O. 


Brown Black Classic With White Boy    Brown Black Classic With White Boy

SOLD for Linda M. Brown Black Classic w/ White Boy


Black & White Tuxedo Girl   Black & White Tuxedo Girl 2   

SOLD for Erin M.   Black &White Tuxedo Girl


Brown Black Mack Girl    Brown Black Mack Girl  

SOLD for Stacey D.  Brown Black Mack Girl


      Brown Black Classic Girl   Brown Black Classic Girl 2       

SOLD for Simon P.  Brown Black Classic Girl



4/3 Talya Litter

2 Boys

Brown Black Classic Boy  Brown Black Classic Boy 2  

SOLD  Daniel Daigle Brown Black Classic Boy


  Black Smoke Mack Boy 2  Black Smoke Mack Boy 2

PEND Black Smoke Mack Boy


4/7 Stormy Litter

2 Boys & 2 Girls

Nimbus Nimbus 2 

SOLD for Rosanne B.  Brown Black Classic Boy "Nimbus"

Cirrus Cirrus 2 

SOLD   for Rebecca Ba.  Brown Black Classic Boy  "Cirrus"

Misty    Misty 2

SOLD for Mary Jo N.  Ash Black Girl  "Misty"

 Breezy   Breezy 2 

SOLD for Rebecca Br.  Black Girl  "Breezy"



3-3 Myska Litter

4 Boys 2 Girls


Aurora       Aurora 2        


  Nova    Nova 2 


Astro  Astro 2 


Comet     Comet 2     


Cosmo      Cosmo 2    


    Stache 1      Stache 2



3-6 Pavla "PJ" Litter   
2 Boys 2 Girls2 Boys  2 Boys, 2 Girls
SOLD for Mary Beth P.  P.J.'s Adorable Torti Girl "Guinevere"
   Guinevere       Guinevere 2
SOLD  Elizabeth B.  P.J.'s Brown Black Classic w/White Girl "Morgan"
 Morgan Morgan 2
SOLD  Jessica N.  P.J.'s Red Classic w/White Boy "Arthur"
 Arthur     Arthur 2
SOLD Jay P.  P.J.'s Brown Black Classic w/White Boy "Lancelot"
  Lancelot    Lancelot 2
3-9 FALINA Litter 
 Cedar Cedar 2 
               Ash    Ash 2
SOLD Destiny B.  FALINA'S BLACK BOY "Ebony" poor boy has a piece of mommy's hair on his face
   Ebony   Ebony 2  
SOLD  Michelle R. FALINA'S CLASSIC BOY "Hickory"
   Hickory pic with Falina   :)  Hickory 2
SOLD Christen R.  FALINA'S TORTI GIRL "Willow"
          Willow     Willow 2     





3 Girls, 2 Boys


RESERVED Rick C.   Black Silver Classic Girl

Black Silver Classic Girl    


RESERVED  Rbt. & Jeanne S.   Black Silver Mackerel Girl

   Black Silver Mackerel Girl       


  RESERVED Jon L.   Brown Black Classic Girl

Brown Black Classic Girl   


RESERVED for Meredith D. Dilute Red Boy  "Cream" Boy



Reserved for Harry D. Silver Mackerel Boy

Silver Mackerel Boy  



4 Girls, 2 Boys

These are very early pictures of Leyla's Kittens.

I will be taking some new pictures in the next week or so.


RESERVED Sheila R.  Torbi Girl "Darcie"

Darcie    Darcie 2    



 RESERVED Paula B.   Dilute Torbi Girl "Stasia"

(stripe on face)

   Stasia   Stasia 2   



RESERVED Jamie S.   Torbi Girl "Whitney"

(wide patch on face)

 Whitney  Whitney 2  



RESERVED Karin Y.  Dilute Torti Girl "Tessa"

(thumb sized spot on face)

 Tessa  Tessa 2  


RESERVED Mary Catherine S.  Red Mackerel w/ White Boy "Rudy"



RESERVED Kalyn Z.   Red Mackerel w/ White "Wyatt"

  Wyatt   Wyatt 2 



ADOPTED "Tatyana" Mack Tabby with White Girl

9  1/2 month old            Born 4/5/19 

for someone without allergies.

      Tatyana 1 Tatyana 2 Tatyana 3  

She is so sweet and loving and is quite pushy about getting lots of lap time. 

She may end up being a smaller Siberian, however Siberians take 3-5 years to mature so she could get larger as she matures.
This little girl should go to a home without other cats
as she plays "very big" with cats...but she is great with my border collie...she loves playing with her. 
Im sure she is going to adjust very quickly to her new home .She greets everyone who comes to my home. 
And meets me at the door when I come home.  You could not be lonely with her around.  She can also be very laid back.
I have gotten quite attached to her...she is my sleeping buddy...Taty will be missed when she goes.
She has had her FVRCP and does not need any boosters. She is also already spayed (saving you a lot of money).


SOLD 4 Boys and 1 Girl Born 9-20-19 


 Boy 1 Boy 2 Boy 3

Boy 4 Boy 5    

SOLD  Phoebe's Kittens Born 7-29-19

Phoebe's Kitten 1  Phoebe's Kitten 2  Phoebe's Kitten 3  Phoebe's Kitten 4


 Lily Jr. Lily Jr. 2     Lily Jr. 3

  Leyla Leyla 2 Leyla 3      Leyla 4   

SOLD Born 4-25-19

2 Kittens  

SOLD Kittens born 5-29-19

3 Kittens  


  Fallina's Litter 1      Falina's Litter 2 Falina's Litter 3 Falina's Litter 4

 Falina's Litter 5  Falina's Litter 6  Falina's Litter 7  

MYSHKA'S Litter 4/9/19

  Myshka's Litter 1       Myshka's Litter 2  Myshka's Litter 3  Myshka's Litter 4